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This is just a quick post for a cute project that I did a while ago with my friend. Over the summer, we decided to hang out and paint t-shirts!

It’s super simple and relaxing, and all you need is:

any plain t-shirt

acrylic paint and/or fabric paint – we used a mix of both, and it turned out great!

brushes & palette/plate – and of course a cup of water and paper towels to clean the brushes when you switch colors. Our brushes were pretty thin, which I would recommend so that you can work on finer details.

cardboard & tape – you’ll have to put the cardboard in the t-shirt, making sure to center the area where you want the design on the t-shirt. Tape the rest of the t-shirt on the backside of the cardboard. Also remember to tape around the area where you are going to paint. All of this will keep your painted t-shirt neat!

sharpie (optional) – just a black sharpie that you can use for any areas you might need fine detail. I personally didn’t use it but my friend did and it looked good!

hair dryer (optional) – drying time will take a while, so speed up the process with a hair dryer.

And that’s all! Grab a friend, find a design, put on some music, and start painting!


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