We got pens for my brand: GINALIUDESIGN!

Hey again!

Quick little exciting update for you: I ordered a bunch of pens for my brand Gina Liu Design!

I’d been getting a couple of customers asking me to design logos and highlight icons, and my mom thought of the idea to send a small branded product to any of my customers and thank them for their business!

I decided to create a NEW LOGO! Then, I did TONS and tons of research. I finally decided on a pen, and designed a little graphic that would go on the pen, with all of my social media tags.

I am so in love with these pens, they write so well and look so great! I was a little doubtful of making such a big investment at first, but it was definitely worth it.

I can’t wait to write a bunch of thank you cards and deliver these pens to my friends and customers!

Until next time!

Gina :)


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