GinaLiuDesign Fall Collection 2020


Exciting news: I launched the GinaLiuDesign Fall Collection on October 1st, 2020!

I worked on a BUNCH of designs for my fall launch, and I ended up launching 8 super festive designs!

At first I just started designing some simple pumpkins. Then I kept getting more and more inspiration and ideas, so I designed some more different pumpkin designs. I added some leaves to some pumpkins, and changed some shapes and added patterns for others. I even found myself working on these designs during my Zoom classes… I can’t stop myself once I start.

Here’s me sneaking in a design tips video during my zoom class

I added some finishing touches, planned out the layout to display all of my fall designs, uploaded every single one of them up to my shop, and finally they were all ready!!!

I seriously loved this collection. I had so much fun designing all of the designs. I woke up everyday and immediately grabbed my Mac, designing as much as I could before my first class of the day. I felt like I could’ve just kept going and going with the details! AND they look so great on tees, crewnecks, stickers, pouches, totes… the list is endless.

Want some festive fall designs? Get yours NOW! Click the button below and go visit my shop with all of these designs! :)

Until next time!

Gina :)


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