i was asked to create art for a friend!


It’s been a while, but things have been crazy and exciting lately.

First of all, I started an art account on Instagram. I had been thinking about it for a while, and I finally got up one day and did it! Read to the end of this post to check out my art account (linked below)!

Another one of the amazing things that happened recently was that I was asked to create art for a friend!

One day, I got a text from a friend from school. She texted me and said that she was trying to find cute highlight icons for Instagram, and wanted my help. I was so excited when I got this text. She gave me some details, and even said that she would be willing to pay me too.

I got right to work; I was so excited about this project. I had never done something like this!

got adobe!
taking notes + learning to use adobe

Also, I got adobe illustrator that week! I had been using another digital software for four years, and we decided that it was finally time to make the switch to a more professional software.

I researched and looked at millions of highlight icons, sketched out some ideas for each category that my friend had requested, and hopped onto adobe illustrator.

It was SO different that what I had worked with before. All the tools, colors, adjustment panels, workspace: it had way more tools than I knew existed. I spent a few days just watching video after video on how I was even supposed to create shapes and draw on Ai. I took notes and played around with the tools, and eventually I kind of understood how I would design things!

I figured out my colors, designs, and added little details along the way. I learned more and more along the way and started working quicker and using more complex tools!

A week later, the Instagram highlight icons were done! Here they are!

Let’s hope for more amazing art projects like this in the future! Comment in this post or reach out to me for any art projects you would be interested in having me create for you!


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